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RonyaSoft Poster Designer is intended to create posters and banners
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RonyaSoft Poster Designer is an application specially intended to create posters and banners. The tool has a nice interface coming with various themes to choose from. The program is appropriate for both professional and amateur users. So, if your graphic design skills are scarce, you don´t need to worry, because you can start by personalizing one of the multiple templates available. Luckily, there are templates for almost every theme, including certificates, banners, prohibition signs, business and events, among many others.

Other more skilled users are likely to use their creativity more freely by starting a blank document. You can use the free-hand tool and import pictures from a wide range of image file formats. Moreover, the program comes with a huge clipart collection, organized in multiple themes. Luckily, the application supports editing objects in various layers.

In a few words, RonyaSoft Poster Designer allows you to create beautiful signs, posters and banners, independently of your design expertise. The results of your work can be printed in standard home and office printers, but you can also use professional print services. What´s more, by installing an add-on, you can print very large posters and banners as well. Only one thing you should be aware of: some of the templates may contain typos.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with multiple templates
  • It supports editing objects in layers


  • Some of the templates contain typos
  • Some leftovers remain after uninstalling the application
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